- kənˈsʌlt(ə)nsi


– ˈbɪznəs


We know that running a successful coffee business is not simply a case of brewing the best beans. Whether you’re just starting up or looking to make improvements, we can advise you on everything from location and planning to concept and design, using our extensive experience of projects from around the world to create solutions that most suit you.


– ˈtreɪnɪŋ


We create sessions that will train your tastebuds as much as your tamper. Having experience in independent, corporate and competition training means we can cater to any individual’s needs and provide experiences which will be most beneficial to them. With a strong focus on the understanding of taste, we’ll aim to educate you in improving your sensory perception as much as your coffee making skills.


– ɪˈkwɪpm(ə)nt


Let us help you find the equipment that’ll make your counter shine. Working with the likes of Kees van der Westen, LaMarzocco, Cimbali, Faema, Mahlkoning, Mazzer, Nueva Simonelli and Vittoria Adwino, we’ll use our little black book of suppliers and collaborators to ensure that you’re providing the highest quality of coffee service, no matter your budget or requirements.


– səˈplʌɪ


In a world of espresso, the cortado is king. No business can survive on one product alone and a change in location or concept might signal a change of supplier too. From food and drink through to non-consumables, with our years of experience we can offer guidance and connections to the best suppliers to match your business.

Brand Consultancy 

– brand kənˈsʌlt(ə)nsi


It’s not just where you pitch your tent, but how. With our understanding of the global market and its current trends, we’ll give you advice to help you best develop and differentiate your business. Be it a cafe, roastery or product, or if you’re looking to connect your brand to the world of coffee, we offer bold insight into this ever growing and changing industry.

Product Development 

– ˈprɒdʌkt dɪˈvɛləpm(ə)nt


Give your brand a little pick-me-up. Through our collaboration on projects within both the coffee and alcohol industries, we’ve developed a strong focus on drink innovation in our own practice. Whether you need assistance in adapting an existing product, or you’re a start-up coming into the coffee world, we can offer tools of research and development for all sectors of the industry.

Drink Safari’s 

– drɪŋk səˈfɑːri


Let us take you on a journey. Our guided consultancy tours will give you a deeper insight into London’s rich food and drink culture, as well as demonstrating current trends and a vision of things to come. We’ll discuss your individual requirements beforehand and plot out a trip that’ll ensure you’re given the best possible chance, to get the answers you need.